- G.A. Sailing

I started sailing when I was nine or ten. When I was 16, I joined Polish Yachting Association and got my Sailor Certification. For those of you who are curious, the certificate allows me in Poland to captain any size sailbot on sweetwater and small(less than 24ft long) ones on enclosed sea waters. I've started my sailing on cruisng Mak 707, next moved to Omega (similar to Y-Flyer) and next various cabin yachts on Mazurian Lakes. (I've been there almost every summer eleven times up to date - each cruise about two weeks). In 1994 I made my first open sea sailing.


Greg's first open sea cruise on s/y Jagiellonia: 3-15 Aug 1994 Baltic Sea

Our route.
Jagiellonia at Gdynia
Steering wheel
Me at the very important place
Watch carefully !

We arrived to Gotland

Jagiellonia at Slite
me at Visby city walls
me on Visby's ram
Ruin of one of gothic catherdral in Visby
Visby's port head
Sunset near Gotland
Same sunset
City walls of Visby
Windmill at Slite
Back at Gdynia: s/y Norda at Gdynia. S/y Zjawa in the background.


Some of my other sailing pictures (mostly Mazury)

Our Conrad 620 - July 1991
Me at real work
Canal lock
Two hobbies in one: beer and sailing
Warning! Very stong beavers: One moment and you lost your index finger )

These two pics from Ryn 1993

Wrzesien '97: Pozeglowalismy troche na szkunerze "The Pride" - 84 stopy, klasa C. Co prawda raczej jako pasazerowie, ale dali posterowac przez chwile i pobawic sie zaglami September '97: We sailed a little on The Schooner Pride (84feet, C class tail ship). We have heen rather passengers, but I've managed to be at helm for a while and Heather was helping with sails.
The Pride stacjonuje w Charleston,SC (USA) gdzie rzeka Cooper wpada do Atlantyku Home of The Pride is of course in Charleston, SC, where Cooper River goes into Atlantic Ocean.

I've not been sailing a lot in US, but there are plans to change it soon. I enlisted myself and First Mate Heather for sailing class at Atlanta Yacht Club at Lake Allatoona. For me I hope it's an occassion to learn all the sailing names and terms in English (American?). We had fun at our first lesson playing with SunFish. Heather hasn't capsized yet and my vocabulary is definitely getting bigger.