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      Each man is likely to possess abilities to recognize unapproachable things due to his senses. For an ordinary man hypersensual things, if they really exist, are mysterious, too remote and our thinking about them causes anxi ety and fear. More and more people have been experiencing very odd states and approaching a hypersensual world. For instance, something delays our trips, our activities which were planned long ago. We are usually not aware of it and it seems to us that "we failed to do it" or that "something else stopped us from doing it". Is it a coincidence or not? Because we do not think about it, it seems to us that many events that we encounter are really coincidences and only when we think about them we regard them as the signs of our intuition. However, there exist events which cannot be unnoticed because they definitely negate the theory of chance.
      Having a suspicion is a gift based on intuition. It is an ability to forsee or rather suspect events which are going to follow. The suspicion of death is an ideal which is aimed at by the Eastern religions through meditatio ns. It allows to pass away with a carefree mind not tied to material things. In parapsychology the suspicion is regarded as a from of claircoyance. Father Czesław Klimuszko wrote in My Perception of the World that "clairvoyance is an exceptional gift, so it can be only used in exceptional cases and is designed only for another person 's welfare". Otherwise, a man so profusely gifted by nature can not only lose this ability but personality balance as well.
      Nowadays there are fewer and fewer controversies concerning the existence of paranormal phenomena. The period of time when people specially sensitive to recording signals hypersensually were regarded as magicians and wizards , is gone. The impossibility of enclosing these phenomena by scientific methods as well as the existence of a great number of healers, visioners and people who get in contact with the other world, cause a distrust of science towards unaccountable phenoma which cannot be confirmed experimentally.
      What is clairovoyance?
      There is no answer to this question yet but it is obvious that the man has got a mysterious recording system, the so called "sixth sense". Father Klimuszko, the well-known Polish clairvoyant did not agree with this stateme nt. He said that nobody knew how many senses the man possessed. He also claimed that clairvoyance had nothing to do with senses but rather was the highest attribute of our psyche. The clairvoyant records the reality in his perception which appears direct ly without any help of the nervous system. He can see the images and events in distant space and time. Physiological and psychological processes do not give any explanations for understanding parapsychological problems.
      Professor Manczarski, the researcher of bioelectronics, said that clairvoyance was connected with electromagnetic waves and the theory of tracing. He said that each object which had been touched by a man had a trace, a subtl e substance. When the clairvoyant takes this object the substance becomes absorbed by the visioner allowing him to reject the image of the person who had the contact with that object before. This settles only a part of the problem, however the theories c oncerning different parapsychological phenomena are still only hypotheses. It is obvious, according to Father Klimuszko, that hypersensual perception needs the existence of the clairvoyant, the other man and the external world.
      Agnieszka Pilch, another clairvoyant, living in Wisła before the war, said that "she did not need to get into trance to see the world of the Spirit and she did not need to use additional agents, either". According to her t he world approaches the more and more common "challenge of spiritual powers", and still before 2000 year people will better communicate by using their thoughts and intuitions.

Michal Kaszowski

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