22 - 24 November 1995, Cracow, Poland

Institute of Computer Science University of Mining and Metallurgy (ICS-UMM/AGH) and Committee of Automatics and Robotics Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) Prof. Edward NAWARECKI and task group of the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Mining and Metallurgy of Cracow (ICS-UMM/AGH) Poland, encouraged by Prof. Yves Demazeau - LIFIA IMAG and Prof. Zdzislaw Bubnicki - Polish Academy of Sciences, proposes organising an International Workshop on: DECENTRALIZED INTELLIGENT and MULTI-AGENT SYSTEMS, in Cracow, in November 1995 (22-24 Nov., 1995). We consider that this will provide an excellent opportunity for people involved in decentralized intelligent systems and multi-agent systems to meet and discuss many problems related to the areas. Such a meeting of specialists on the mentioned areas from Central, West and East Europe would be especially interesting.
S. Ambroszkiewicz PL J. L. Kulikowski PL F. Arlabosse F P. Mikulecky CZ M. Boman S J. Moscinski (V-Chairman) PL Z. Bubnicki PL A. Mrozek PL H. Burkhard D E. Nawarecki (Chairman) PL K. Cetnarowicz PL Z. Pawlak P A. Collinot F I. Plander SK M. Dabrowski PL F. Seredynski PL Y. Demazeau (V-Chairman) F A. Skowron PL Z. Hippe PL V. Srovnal CZ E. Kacki PL K. Sundermeyer D J. Kelemen SK-CZ R. Tadeusiewicz PL B. Keplicz PL J. Weglarz PL B. Kokinov BG
K. Cetnarowicz G. Dobrowolski M. Zabinska
Institute of Computer Science, A G H - University of Mining and Metallurgy Mickiewicza 30 30-059 Cracow, Poland
1. Conceptual and theoretical foundations of decentralized and multi-agent systems, 3. Formal description and architecture of multi-agent systems, 4. Formalization and simulation of social concepts, 5. Communication, coordination, negotiation and conflict resolution, 6. Programming and applications of decentralized multi-agent systems, 7. Application of the concept of multi agent systems in: a) Artificial intelligence and knowledge base systems, b) Computer networks and distributed systems, c) Distributed information and database systems, d) Real-time systems, robotics and automation, e) Computer networks and telecommunication, f) Others. Note: We would like to emphasize that DIMAS '95 will be the first meeting concerning the subject in this part of Europe. Thus, not only original works (not published yet) but also papers of the sort "the state of art", presenting what was done so far and showing the latest results of research carried out by task groups at various research centers and universities, are very appropriate for the workshop.
English (French and German may be accepted - then abstract has to be written in English).
An abstract in English (at least 300 words) should be received by the Organizing Committee not later then JUNE 20 1995. Pure ASCII-file sent by E-mail is recommended. All abstracts received will be refereed by the Programme Committee. Submitted abstracts should include a front cover page giving: - title of the paper, - author's name, - affiliation, - address for correspondence including E-mail address, - list of key-words, - indication of which application area the paper should be included in.
Abstracts submission................June 20, 1995 Notification to authors.............July 15, 1995 Full papers submission..............September 20, 1995 Workshop............................November 22-24, 1995
A paper should not exceed 8 pages (A4, basic font 12pt). Papers will be published in proceedings of the workshop. PLEASE LET US KNOW whether you wish to attend the workshop or you also intend to submit a paper. In case we know you are interested in the workshop we could include your name in our mailing list.
- Name, first name - Address - Phone/fax number - E-mail - Participation/submission
Address for correspondence: dr Krzysztof CETNAROWICZ Institute of Computer Science AGH University of Mining and Metallurgy al. Mickiewicza 30 30-059 KRAKOW, POLAND
Email: tel/fax: (48 12) 339406