“Nitriding!” can be used to predict the distribution of nitrogen in the nitrided layers of steel  and for the visual presentation of the calculation results. Numerical methods have been utilized to determine the distribution of nitrogen across the nitrided layer.
This application can be an excellent teaching aid in a course of materials science for students majoring in mechanical engineering
or material sciences. The program runs under Windows 95™.
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1. Overview
2. How to get more information


For any given process of steel nitriding, the program enables you to monitor the effect of the following: The program can also be used to optimize the steel nitriding process. This can be achieved by selecting appropriate parameter
values which will lead to the desired nitrogen concentrations throughout the diffusion layer and a suitable phase composition of the
diffusion layer.
The following parameters are used as input for the calculations: Both the data and the calculation results are displayed on the screen by plotting the following parameters as a function of the
treatment time: How to get more information

Help is available directly from the author of the application, Dr Stanislaw Gut.If you have any problems with the installation,  usage of the program ‘Nitriding!” or simply wish to suggest improvements or changes you can contact the author in the following way:
Voice:   +48.12.617-38-67
Voice/fax: +48.12.330-205
by e-mail: gut@uci.agh.edu.pl
or by letter at:
Stanislaw Gut
 University of Mining and Metallurgy
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