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Building damage risk assessment method based on fuzzy inference system. Agnieszka Malinowska

Published by: Instytutu Gospodarki Surowcami Mineralnymi i Energią PAN,

s. Studia i Rozprawy, Nr 154, Kraków, 2009; Str. 107


The aim of the paper was estimation of a building damage risk assessment method on mining areas using fuzzy inference system and GIS. The theoretical and real data analyzis has shown that low efficiency of actually applied method of building damage risk assessment is partly caused by not taking into consideration uncertainty and ambiguity of data. The application of fuzzy inference system in decision processes allows one to account for the uncertainty of data. The presented work is documentary of research on the method based on fuzzy inference of building damage risk assessment when the risk is caused by continuous deformation down to underground mining exploitation. A new point scale of risk (0 to 100) was introduced for the redefined concept of "risk of building damage". The presented model was verified by comparing the result of building damage risk assessment with real damage in the buildings caused by exploitation. The algotithm of building damage risk assessment basing on created model and GIS allows one to effictively estimate the threat of construction object. In the final part of the work the advantages of the new approach and its implications were shown.