Associate Professor


participation in Conferences

  • (2010) 3D Survey of Terrain Surface Deformation in the Area of Underground Copper Mining. XIVth International Congress of the International Society for Mine Surveying. 20-24.09.2010. Sun City/ South Africa. (Co-Authors: A.Malinowska, T.Stoch, G.Patykowski, W.Skoblinski)
  • (2010) Mining damage decision support system based on fuzzy inference and GIS. 11. Geokinematischer Tag des Institutes für Markscheidewesen und Geodäsie : 5-7.05.2010, Freiberg, Germany
  • (2009) Determining the coefficient of horizontal displacements with the use of orthonogal polynomials. Xth days of mine surveying, Cracow, 2009.
  • (2009) GPS Monitoring of land subsidence in mining area's- 10. Geokinematischer Tag des Institutes für Markscheidewesen und Geodäsie : 7- 8.05.2009, Freiberg, Germany
  • (2009) Risk of mining damage. Natural and technical hazards and risk management in hard coal mining.Cracow, AGH UST, 2009
  • (2008) Monitoring and analysis of vanishing surface subsidence, they survey and risk assessment for the new investment- 8. Altbergbau-Kolloquium : 6-8.11.2008, Claustahl, Germany
  • (2008) Forecasting and monitoring of underground mineral seam exploitation influence-21st World Mining Congress & Expo 2008 : 7-11.09.2008, Kraków, Poland
  • (2008) Deformation prediction and monitoring on the Lubin copper ore mine with a GIS support - 9. Geokinematischer Tag des Institutes für Markscheidewesen und Geodäsie : 8-9.05.2008, Freiberg, Germany
  • (2006) Reliability of mining subsidence prediction using spatial statistical analysis- Building safety on the mining terrains-Mining damages: 20-21.11.2006, Ustroń, Poland
  • (2005) Über einige zeitliche Aspekte des Deformationsprozesses bei der Vorausberechnung von abbaubedingten Gebirgsbewegungen. 6. Geokinematischer Tag des Institutes für Markscheidewesen und Geodäsie : 12. und 13. Mai 2005 Freiberg/Germany
  • (2001) Monitoring of horizontal displacements in European coalfields. 10th international symposium on Deformation measurements : Orange, California, USA 19–22 March 2001. International Federation of Surveyors (FIG). Commission 6 – Engineering surveys
  • (2000) Time-space ground subsidence prediction determined by volume extraction from the rock mass. sixth international symposium on Land subsidence : Ravenna 24–29 September 2000.