Associate Professor

Grants (Ministry)

Grants from the industry

  • Assessment of the course of surface deformation in the South part of the 'Lubin' copper mine and it's mining terrains. KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. O/ZG 'Lubin' 2005
  •  Surface subsidence prediction and map actualisation within bounds mining area of Głogów Głęboki. KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. O/ZG 'Polkowice-Sieroszowice'2005
  •  Assessment of harmaful activity caused by open pit mining activity KWK 'Bełchatów', BOT KWB Bełchatów S.A. 2006
  •  Design of the mining terrains boundaries of an open pit mine KWK 'Bełchatów', BOT KWB Bełchatów S.A.,2006
  •  Mining damages and Prediction of surface subsidence subsystems analysis and project design support - SIOTG IT GIS System, Intergraph Poland - KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.2006
  •  Assessment of the influence of exploitataion in the safety pillars of the main shafts of hard coal mine' JasMos' taking into consideration surface protection. KWK Jasmos 2007
  •  Dynamic map of Polkowice city 2000-2006, KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. O/ZG 'Rudna' 2007
  •  Analysis of surface deformation surveying method for establishing deformation field and kinematics of surface movements.KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. O/ZG 'Lubin' 2008
  •  Designation of the horizontal displacement parameter basis on the results of the surface subsidence measurements. KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. O/ZG 'Lubin' 2008
  • Accuracy of the surface deformation prediction on the case study of the copper mine "Lubin" from the point of view of the surface subsidence kinematics. KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. O/ZG 'Lubin' 2009
  • Integrated surface subsidence survey planning with the InSAR technology on the mining area of the hard coal mine 'Bogdanka'. LW Bodganka S.A. 2009/2010.