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The main goal of the lecture is the familiarizing students with concurrent engineering philosophy and requirements specification of the modernist systems in product development context and information sharing. The students know the basic terminology of team work and methods and principles ruled during team work. The difference between classical approach called sequence engineering and concurrent engineering will be presented. The tools and technician of concurrent engineering will be presented, as well. During the lectures the main idea of product developing in dispersion environment, the standards of computer science systems, tools of distance working, project management and virtual teams will be presented. The subject area of computer aided engineering will be undertaken. The example commercial systems to technician documentation management, the engineering databases systems, documentation workflow and communication software will be presented. The theme of geometrical modelling, architecture and terminology of CAD/CAE, data exchange between CAD/CAE systems system, co-viewing and co-modelling of technician documentation will be raised, as well. The students know the architecture of team work system and possibility of using X3D language to description design geometry.

Dr inż. Marcin Hojny - Wydział Inżynierii Metali i Informatyki Przemysłowej

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