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  W sekcji Specjalność SIP zostały umieszczone informacje na temat przedmiotów realizowanych na specjalności Systemy Informatyki Przemysłowej.                  

Several topics are presented in the field of distributed artificial intelligence (DAI) and multiagent systems. Distributed artificial intelligence brings together and draw on results, concepts and ideas from many disciplines, including artificial intelligence, computer science, sociology, economics, organization, management science and philosophy. The long-term goal of DAI is to develop mechanisms and methods that enable agents to interact as well as human, what raises a number of challenging issues as autonomous, flexible and rationally behaviour or the possibility to interact with other intelligent agents. The knowledge is presented during lectures not only as academic research but also from industrial and commercial point of view, what is becoming an important subject of application of multiagent systems.

dr inż. Gabriel Rojek, Wydział Inżynierii Metali i Informatyki Przemysłowej

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