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The Bicycle Expedition Denmark 2000

We (600x349, 26 kB)

"The Bicycle Expedition DENMARK 2000"... it sounds quite serious... actually we just gathered ourselves together, packed our bikes and a few useful (as we thought then) things, and we started for our road. We had an ambitious plan to reach the most northern point of Denmark - Skagen, where the Baltic Sea mixes its waters with the North Sea, by the way going round the entire Denmark and a piece of Germany. The plan succeeded, the whole thing took us a bit more then two weeks, and gave us great memories and absolutely new experiences.

For sure we got know a lot: new places, culture, people, life, monuments, shops, everything. It is obvious thing and connected to every trip; there isn't too much to explain, everybody knows that perfectly going both to an uncle to the nearest village or to Tibet. However from the bike's seat perspective it's in a way a bit more interesting and complete.

Riding (600x405, 40 kB)

But the most amazing, the most unique and for us probably the most important thing in our expedition was the idea of such a trip. The fact that you drop everything, get on your bike and take free time from a common world for two weeks, you disappear. You eat too little, get wet, don't wash yourself, freeze, get stiff, sleep in bushes, but you are happy - you ride. This ride is incredible experience. The most fascinating fact is that everything you need for your life is on your bike's carrier. When the night comes, you find more or less comfortable place and pitch your tent, fall asleep. When the sun has risen you wake up and return to the ride. It is sounds as nothing special, but in fact it is marvellous thing. A combination of pedalling, a contact with nature, a daylong stay on the open air, cutting off from the everyday problems and conveniences of modern world and some other, not well-defined ingredients makes amazing mixture, that is reminded with a great pleasure. Well, it is very hard to describe that with words, we used to call it RIDING. Anyway, one who was and riding knows this feeling; one who wasn't ought to try. The place isn't so important, however Denmark as so bicycle friendly state is absolutely worth of a recommendation.

Magic (600x396, 50 kB)

OK, it is enough of that longish introduction, we invite you to next pages, where we tried to describe our expedition with its various aspects. In the DENMARK section, there are some tips regarding that beautiful country and its short characteristic from a bicycle point of view. ROUTE , it is a description of our tour, as well as a map of Denmark with our trip on it. There is also a short description of maps and guidebooks that we used during our travel. EXPEDITION, in turn, is much more detailed description, with a lot of pictures and divided on the particular days. The EQUIPMENT section describes things that we took. There we tried to write shortly which items were more useful, which were less, and which weren't at all. Finally, there is ABOUT US, where we presented very shortly our humble persons. We also described how we met each other. There are also our e-mail addresses - we would be very grateful for any comments about our site. We'll also answer with pleasure for every answer regarding our expedition, Denmark, bikes, and whatever ;-)

Introduction  |   Equipment  |   Denmark  |   Route  |   Expedition  |   About us