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About us

About us (600x396, 75 kB)

Our friendship is as intensive as it is short. For the first time we met in Mogilany, near to Cracow, in July 2000 on the "Challanges of Sustainable Development" course organised by the Sendzimir Foundation. We didn't reveal our bike fascination till the last day of the course during the last farewells. It was then when the idea of a joint expedition arose. All the details were set up by the use of internet and a chat programme. All went very smoothly and quickly. As a matter of fact we didn't have much to set up since one of us had planned a lonely trip to that region from quite a long time. The plans had only to be adjusted to the new conditions. A month later, having settled all other obligations, we set off. We met in Wroclaw, in the train Cracow-Swinoujscie, where our expedition effectively started. But these you can read on other pages.

Kuba Kronenberg


Kuba (401x600, 36 kB)

Born in 1977. Riding a bicycle is one of my most important passions. Others, equally important, include birdwatching and travelling.
What I like most in cycling is the independence it provides. One's neither restricted by the tiny network of railway or buses, nor by the costs of petrol or tickets. One can get everywhere. I definitely prefer a trekking bike, let alone a cross. This allows to move quickly on asphalt but at the same time performs quite well in the terrain, not too extravagant however.
As far as cycling goes well with travelling, it seems to be difficult to lie with birdwatching. Although small binoculars were included in our equipment, we used them to get to know the road better rather than to observe birds.

Tomasz 'Bruno' Bergier


Bruno (422x600, 27 kB)

Year 1972. At the moment I live in Cracow. I've been riding a mountain bike for some 10 years by now, ealier a road bike a little bit. I absolutely prefer the off-road terrain and roads without asphalt. However I'm far from starting the discussions on what's better, I simply prefer the terrain, which is closer to my heart, and gives me a great pleasure and satisfaction. And that's all.
My favourite cycling regions are the mountains of Polish Jura and Cracow Valleys. And that's not only due to the proximity of where I live. When I have an opportunity and the life allows, I go to the mountains, preferably to Beskid Sadecki or Beskid Niski (the best region is that of Krynica and Piwniczna).
My cycling with Kuba is restricted to special occasions because of the distance between our cities (frankly speaking, the Denmark Expedition was the only one so far ;-)). I usually ride alone - it has a lot of charm and fits my character somehow. I do enjoy however a company of a bigger or smaller group. I appreciate a lot the company of people from the pl.rec.rowery discussion list. Its advantages are not limited to the common trips in a good company, people who write there are really competent. Besides there is the LITerature!

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