MEng courses - Course coverage

      A technical familiarity with materials is required in the full range of engineering activity, including the efforts of the design engineer and the manufacturing engineer, and especially the supervisory and management personnel who monitor and plan modern-day technology. The M. Eng. and Ph.D. courses in materials may be perceived as being predominantly a "science" course. However other measures of course content are commonly preferred. Graduating materials engineering become specialists in the Science and Engineering of Materials, Computer Aided Materials Selection (CAMS), Computer Aided Materials Design (CAMD). They must be able to anticipate how materials perform during manufacture and in service, and they must be able to communicate satisfactorily with mechanical engineers that have specialised in that technical area.
      Role of the M. Eng. Materials Engineering Course:
  1. To bring students to a basic level of understanding of materials science.
  2. To develop an awareness of the nature of problems, techniques, concepts, and modes of thought in the materials aspects of engineering design and practices.
  3. To develop an appreciation for limitation and opportunities offered in the designing of materials for engineering.
  4. As a service course to prepare students for a sequel DSc course in Poland or in another country.
      The M. Eng. Materials Engineering Course will be housed in the materials-related departments of the faculty; all the principal lecturers and teachers considers themselves to be materials specialists and possess a D. Sc. (eng.) and Ph. D. (eng.) background.