MEng courses - A summary

       Course of Materials Science and Engineering will be offered in the Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science. M. Eng. course is a 3-semester course that is built on general physics and chemistry and focus on structure property relationships in engineering materials. The course serves students from more than one engineering discipline (Ferrous Metal Engineering, Non-ferrous Metal Engineering and Ceramic Engineering). Materials performance (in processing and/or in service) will receive attention by serving as examples and in an organised study of structural alteration. This course aims to provide students introduction of materials industry and fundamental science governing properties of the materials particularly mechanical properties. This will allow students to collect scientific information emphasising processing manufacturing aspects of a material industry by using various resources within the school and library. The students will also learn how to use this information to improve their oral and written scientific communication of materials information. The students will also gain first hand experience of a material processing industry.

Socrates-Erasmus Subject Code: 06.7 - Materials Science

ECTS points: MEng - 135 credits (1020 hours)

Duration: MEng - 3 semesters; Ph.D. - 8 semesters