Ph.D. course - Prerequisites and Admission Procedure

      An application of the candidate will be considered strictly on its academic merits. Entry is competitive, however, so each application will be also considered alongside others; and not all applicants can be offered a place. Admissions Tutors will be basically looking for two things; the English language and the intellectual ability to follow the course. They will carefully consider all academic information which candidate gives on the application form. On the basis of this information, the candidate may be offered a place, or invited for an interview, or it may be necessary to reject the application. The interview will be a two-way process. Selectors use the interview to asses the candidate knowledge of the scope and aims of the course, and to develop their impression of him, both academically and personally.
      In general, the Ph.D. course is built upon a base of the initial MEng course. The course is built upon a base of chemistry, physics, materials science engineering. This is revealed in several ways course prerequisites, the student classification, and the minimum level for enrolment. These prerequisites commonly did not include preceding prerequisites. Thus, if material science was the started prerequisite, it must be assumed that a comparable level of mathematics, physics and chemistry proficiency is required, even though mathematics, physics, and chemistry was not stated prerequisite.